Hot waxing: More pleasure, less pain!

That’s right, just imagine the benefits of long term (temporary) hair removal with less pain than the usual tactics.

Waxing has always been the number 1 ‘go to’ solution when it comes to long – term temporary hair removal because of it’s effective results and endless list of advantages.


How it works

The melted wax is applied on the skin then left to cool. It then moulds itself around the hair follicles, gripping them firmly – so once it has become sticky, the skin is pulled taut and the cloth is then pulled quickly and sharply in an upwards direction and the hair is ripped from the skin by the roots, leaving skin smooth, hairless and glowing!

A few of the benefits!

One of the best reasons is that hair takes longer to grow back. Typically no hair begins to reappear for over a week – which is pretty good compared to the stubble and prickles that start to emerge so quickly after shaving.

Both small and large areas of hair can be removed with hot wax, allowing maximum hair removal everywhere and anywhere! All we have to do is simply cover the area with wax and use a different sizes of cloth to remove the hair.

Waxing will remove any shade and consistency of hair from all types of skin – so it doesn’t even matter what hair colors, textures or type of skin you have, it will always be very effective.

Did you know that constantly waxing can weaken the follicle, which may sound a bit sad but really it can cause permanent loss of hair… which doesn’t sound too sad after all!


With minimal side effects (which include reddish skin, that disappears after an hour or so) as  well as the added exfoliation the waxing gives – I see no reason why waxing shouldn’t be one of your hair removal go -to’s either.


Especially now that your favourite salon if offering you hot wax from our highly skilled waxperts! We’ve also put the added effort of using high quality HOT WAX ensuring a fast, thorough & virtually pain free experience.

We hope to see you soon, Love U x