It’s April and the promise of warmer weather is just around the corner, time to re-arrange our wardrobes and get out our spring and summer clothes and shoes. It’s also time to pay attention to our body and get it ready for springtime, so we’re looking our best for those skimpier garments. Here are some […]

We all know that to lose weight and gain the body we desire, we have to both diet and exercise.  But you can speed up the process and help to shift that really stubborn fat which clings to parts of your body that seem unaffected by exercise – no matter how hard you try. With […]

Pampering yourself with a facial is a rewarding experience that will make you feel like a celebrity, but what kind of facial is best for you and your skin type? Oily skin prone to spots and blackheads If you have oily or oily/combination skin which is prone to spots and blackheads, then you could benefit […]

It’s only a couple of weeks until we get to treat our favourite lady like a princess for the day.  Whether you are looking for ideas for your own mother, or want to drop some big hints to your own off-spring or partner, we’ve come up with some pampering ideas that will make this Mothering […]

Hot Stone Massage is not a new trendy treatment; in fact hot stone massage can be traced back to its routes in both Ancient Egypt and in Native American culture, where they traditionally heated stones in the fire to be used for healing tired and aching muscles in a sweat lodge as part of a […]

There is now a brand new revolution in skin care, one that doesn’t involve needles and toxic injections and is completely non-evasive and safe. 3D-Skintech, as the name suggests, take a 3 dimensional approach to better looking skin and can be used to treat a variety of conditions.  It is excellent at combatting and reversing […]

Most of us have them; those wobbly bits that we don’t like and make us a little self-conscious on the beach or in our underwear. Whether it’s bingo wings, saddle bags, wobbly thighs or a muffin top you want to get rid of, there is now a non-surgical procedure to reduce unwanted fat and give […]