Hello! from Love U Skincare

We have some exciting news for everyone, Love U Salons are releasing our own beauty skincare products called

Love U Skincare

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 13.14.46Here at Love U Salons we have always taken pride in the love and care we put into anything we use on our customers. But we decided that you deserve even better without having to pay more!

So we went at it, with months of research, testing, producing and working on flaws… we finally have our perfected products!

As well as providing for people of any ages and gender, Love U Skincare shipping will be available all around the world because we want anyone from any location to reap the benefits of our truly amazing products.


The products

With over 40 products, we tick nearly every skin type when it comes to thinking about your skincare.

Body: Ranging from hand & nail cream to cooling butters to anti-aging creams, Love U skincare products are made to make your body feel moisturised, healthy and beautiful with the added plus of some products using natural ingredients!

Essentials: Our essentials are designed to purify and clean your skin, as well as prepare it for the application of any other products so your skin gets the full treatment.

Clear Skin: Specifically made to aid the results of clear skin, we offer scrubs, masks, cleansers and toners. We also made a special effort to make products for the reduction of pores and skin acne.

Prevent: As well as products to aid change, we have products that prevent any unwanted skin problems through the use of vitamins and minerals. Fix your skin before the problem even occurred.

Repair: Existing skin problems can be repaired through the use of our scrubs and masks that will help the skin find balance and leave you with a soft, smooth and glowing completion. 

Youthful: For our customers who are interested in keeping their young and beautiful skin, our youthful category provides products that will rejuvenate and renew you skin. Leave your friends and family an awe of your forever young skin.

Love U 4 Him

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 13.49.40

Love U Mens Skincare

Like we said before, Love U Skincare is for all genders! Our Love U Skincare for Men offers  a range of products that cater for every mans skincare needs.

We know that even men deserve some pampering and should take pride in the way their skin looks too. So why not enjoy our fantastic range specifically made to handle the tough skin without being harsh.

Our Mens products include:

Scrubs: Remove dirt from pores and dead skin cells on the skin.

Face wash: Exfoliating and soothing to dry skin to leave you feeling smooth and refreshed.

Face Serums: Instantly refresh and revitalises the skin for protected and hydrated skin.

Balms: Soothing balms to revive and calm skin morning and night shaving whilst also protecting skin after shaving. Balms contain vitamins to help boost healthy skin.

We can’t wait for you to try our products.

Love U Skincare, COMING SOON x