Is it all really worth it, Laser and IPL hair removal ?


Ladies and Gents, let’s actually talk about long term hair removal!

We all have unwanted hair that we remove every few 1-2 weeks, and sometimes it can be a struggle going out your way when you’re so busy, just to remove some hair. Whether it’s on your face, arms, legs or anywhere for that matter – Hair removal is part of our weekly routines, something we’re so used to that we’ve forgotten what it feels like going au naturel

… Until now!

Love U Salon

I’m pretty sure we all know someone or have heard from other sources that IPL and Laser hair removal are something we should look into in terms of long term hair removal. But let me break it down for you.

What is IPL and Laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal is a laser beam being aimed at certain sections of the skin, destroying the hair bulb itself – meaning the area which the hair begins to grow from, so no new hair!

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light hair removal. It’s the same method as using a laser, except it’s not a laser. The difference between IPL and Laser hair removal is that the wavelength, energy times and time you’re exposed to it can be set to suit you – so it’s more personally adjusted. Also, IPL can treat several more hairs at one time.

How long?

It really depends on your preference – how many sessions you want and where you want them. Obviously, the more sessions you go to, the more hair will be removed. Each session differs depending on exactly what you’re getting done. Click here to see the different areas we have to offer at Love U Salons, just let us know if you need to change it up a bit.

Don’t be scared, we understand.

Like anything new, it’s only normal for people to go searching online, reading reviews and literally looking for bad signs. It’s good to have prior research, but try not to accept everything you read, the experience is different for everyone.

Some people described it as “like having a tattoo” where as others would say “It felt like a warming sensation”. However you may find it, we understand and will support you to make the experience the best it can be.

After the first session, you’ll see theres nothing to be afraid about and you’ll begin to look forward to the sessions because the results become more noticeable – and you’ll love seeing less and less hair! 

The pink flamingo treatment room at Love U Salon


THIS is what will make it all worth it! Once treatments are over, you will see little hair growth, maybe an occasional shave here and there – because there’s no way of removing 100% of your hair.

Say goodbye to those weekly meetings and in the long run, time and money! You may decide to visit a beautician after 6 -12 months or come back for a few more sessions.

But seriously?! You’ll never understand the joy of being hairless and seeing your hair shedding – as strange as it sounds – until you’ve done it!

Health and Safety

Our skin is precious, and it’s only natural to be extra careful when getting anything done. So make sure you’re being safe when getting anything done!

It’s important that when you’re thinking of getting IPL/Laser treatment that you’re going to a qualified place that’s using effective and approved equipment. DON’T go looking for the cheapest options, they may not be the most reliable or safe treatment. Better safe than sorry, I say. 

At Love U salons we use COSMEDICO IPL machines and have fully trained and experience staff at hand – So just know you’re in good hands! 

Our Cosmedico IPL machine


Today must be your lucky day! 

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Good luck, Love U x