That extra little kick of confidence! Manicures!

This is for all the women out there that know how the littlest things can give us all that extra boost we need to keep being fabulous! 

Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a new outfit or that new bag you fell in love with the second you saw it, we all have something that gives us that extra little sparkle and hop when we walk. I think it’s fair to say that getting your nails done is in that list too! It’s strange how such a simple and small treat can make you feel like the most important person in room.

shellac-nailsI could start talking about how manicures prevent wrinkles on the nails, or how they will help with any wear & tear on the nails. Or how it removes those horrible cracks and rough skin showing, or even how the massages aid blood circulation…

But… that’s not the first reason we go to get our nails done. What’s important is that  feel good feeling you get in just those few moments of getting a manicure!

We all love seeing our glowing new skin after exfoliating. The aroma of the creams and oils being massaged into our palms and tips that leave our hands feeling soft and oh so supple.

That amazing feel in when the manicurist push the right pressure points and you can literally feel the stress leave from your fingertips. The shaping and tidying of the nails making them feel new and stronger than ever.

And finally, the application of the bright and vibrant colours that’ll ooze your mood for the week – optional of course, sometimes our natural nails look more than good enough, especially after all THAT! Whatever you like girl, own it!

 At Love U Salons, we understand this and want you to leave feeling ready to take on the world with those beautiful fingertips, whether it be your birthday, anniversary or that nerve wrecking presentation you have at work tomorrow, but best of all, just because you feel like it!

Every once in a while, pamper yourself to the tender love and care from our professionals at Love U, so just sit and enjoy this little treat – We’ll take care of the rest for you.

Our Manicuresshellac-nails-2

Here at Love U, we offer Love U Manicures for great prices, but my favourite are the CND Shellac Manicures that give you colour that lasts up to 14 days – so you can feel at your best for even longer!

And to add to all the joys, it has ZERO DRYING TIME, so no time is wasted fanning your hands around and being incapable of doing anything without the fear of ruining that beautiful colour – we’ve all been there!

So whenever you’re ready to feel great, starting at your fingertips, give us a call or drop us an email to book!


Love U x